“Wish you were here” x LEVIS

Upcycled from multiple denim trousers from women and menswear and a pair of dungarees, I was able to make new pair of unisex baggy patchworked trousers. To compliment it is a denim jacket, which is made out of 3 denim jackets. The final product was to be based on a poncho. Moulded into the jacket is handpicked bees wax, which enabled the jacket to become waterproof. Perfect for unpredictable weather, especially when you’re at a festival. Finally the homage embroidery courtesy of the Levi’s Tailor Shop which pays homage to the famous 1969 festival; Woodstock. The overall look was to be one that can be worn to a festival where you get your clothes dirty, look cool and still be suit for the different weather conditions. It got the name “wish you were here” as that is what most people who go to festivals tell their friends via text/calls/social media.