This two piece was made first by tie dying it blue. Using red cabbage and baking soda I was able to create a natural dye as using real dye is more harmful to the environment, I wanted to create something that would inspire others to think of different routes in terms of creating clothes. I then cut and re-attached the collar so that it would drape nicely onto the chest, but also, as a kid I used to hate collars on clothes, it used to remind me of school, so by cutting it I wanted to create a sense of liberation. The subtle embroidery  on the front and back is an illustration/poem I did called "living with my wounds". Something that means so much to me, and something that I kept private but now decided to share with the world unapologetically. The overall concept, was just about being you and the minimal approach to show you that you can do that without trying to hard and the minimal aesthetic is inspired by Japanese brands that concentrate on subtle detailing like Uniqlo. It may not be as much of a statement piece or some may say as bold compared to other stuff I've designed/made in the past, but it definitely means the most.