“Buffalo (check) Soldier x Woolrich”

Using the famous red and black buffalo check (kindly given to me by woolrich), I was able to create this two piece with a beret accessory. It is made out of 4 different materials, Denim, mesh, suiting and the check and creating a oversized beret based on 90s oversized hat styles, which was also made out of different materials. The inspiration for the jacket and trousers came from the Japanese brand Sacai where they are known for their ‘material collaging’. I decided to interpret that into an outfit that I would like to wear. There is a slight 70s reference in the trousers as they are slightly flared which adds a nice silhouette to the two piece overall. The hole in the back of the jacket is meshed hole, put their because I often find I swear a-lot in Denim jackets so I decided to create a ventilation hole. There multiple pockets on the outfit, which was inspired by the military as was the beret, but I just decided to make that oversized. `