This is the worlds first bomber jacket shell suit/dungaree infusion. Made out of Dungarees, two bomber jackets and a rain coat, the suit is all one. The top jacket is actually stitched to the dungaree straps. By doing this the Bomber Suit can be worn with multiple different looks (ideal for a mad weather change). The pockets are all functional. Some of them being unpicked and swapped around with one another, it allowed the materials to be more spread out more throughout the garment. The legs are normal dungaree legs infused with sleeves from another bomber jacket (as I’ve always felt bomber jacket sleeves would make good trouser legs). The rain coat was a nice finishing touch, being the most dominating colour in the palette, it creates nice highlights to the suit, illuminating some of the key features whilst being a key feature itself. The inspiration behind this piece was to upcycle old vintage clothes and turn them into something more modern, I decided to take a high end approach to it. The idea was inspired by Japanese brand ‘Sacai’ and was pushed towards having a 90s twist.